Congratulation to Lee Fairhurst on defending his title and becoming only the second driver to win the title three times and also for driving fairly with no bullying of the younger drivers in the race!

Special mentions to Chris Thompson who has been invaluable and a major factor in the overall total, Paul Gerrard and the Incarace staff who give us a free run on the night to get on with things, Steve Abbott and Madeline Richardson for the results and lap times needed which is far from easy in the limited time available, Sophie Clark for the trophies and help on the night, Nigel Anderson for the grid and help on the night, Suzzanne Fairhurst accepting donations at the transporter, Neil Scothern for arranging the Tyres through American Racer, all the drivers, Ant Jenkins and the other photographers the list goes on and on and sorry if I have missed anybody.

For anybody unaware the winner of the final and Dave Leonard Memorial Trophy 544 Ben Howard was a personal friend of Dave’s which is so fitting that the trophy has come home and if anybody was unsure also why this trophy is awarded independently from the Under 25s Ben’s words say it all.

“🏆Can’t believe it 😮. From a 3rd place in my heat to winning the final and bringing home the Dave Leonard memorial trophy back to Whitworth Rochdale where the legend is from means and is so special words can’t describe it”.

One extra award on the night was to Jacklyn Ellis who unfortunately had to miss out through injury on what would have been her last ever Under 25s and was a personal presentation of flowers and chocolates from me and Chris she also received an anonymous donation I passed on to her these were totally independent and personal contributions and a way of involving her in the occasion.